Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Cocktail | Citrus Shandy

When the weather starts getting warm, there is nothing more refreshing than a nice summer drink.  My go to is usually a nice, light wheat beer like Blue Moon.  I love how the traditional Blue Moon is served with a slice of orange.  I love the citrus flavor and tang that is added to the beer.

I got a little creative with my most recent Blue Moon.  I decided to make my own summer shandy using orange juice and clementines. 
If I am feeling a little adventurous, I have been known to mix my beer with lemonade.  This yields a deliciously tart beverage.

citrus summer shandy
1/4 cup of orange juice
1/4 cup of cold water 
1/4 cup of vodka
1 wheat beer
1 clementine, peeled and divided

Mix together the orange juice, water. sugar and vodka.  Put into serving glasses, about half way.
  Top glass off with beer and garnish with clementines.  

You can even squeeze a clementine for added flavor.  This made two cocktail sized beverages.

A delicious and light summer cocktail that is refreshing on the those hot summer days.  
Easy to take with you to the beach, pool or serve at a summer bbq.  

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