Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Table

It is cold.  It is snowing.  The ground is covered with snow.  The kids had a snow day.  It is April 4th. With the snow falling outside and it looking more like a winter wonderland than an springy April day, I decided I would make today a spring day, regardless of the snow.

I love to buy fresh cut flowers at the grocery store.  Surprisingly, the grocery store in my town has a decent selection.  I purchased some daffodils and white tulips and created a very simple arrangement for our table in the breakfast nook.  The breakfast nook is our casual dining space, also used for homework, crafts and dessert area during parties at our house.

 I love this picture because you can really see the tulips falling naturally and cascading in different directions.  I love the pop of the yellow daffodils on my vintage linen tablecloth.

A nice close up of one of my favorite flowers.  Lilacs are my second favorite flower.  Those aren't even close to blooming yet!  The willow votive vase is from a cute little store down south that I found online.

The tulips are sitting in a larger willow vase from the same store.  I love the natural look of the vase and how the attention is on the beauty of flowers, not the vessel that is holding them.

Simple.  Elegant.  Natural.

I can actually smell the delicious scent of the flowers from these photos, can't you?