Thursday, April 3, 2014

Daffodils and Burlap

When the calendar changed to April 1st, it was time for me to start decorating for Easter and spring.  I went to the grocery story and in the flower section was a display of fresh cut daffodils and also potted daffodils.  Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers.  I love the bright yellow color and the fresh scent.  The yellow instantly makes me feel happy and puts me in a good mood.  Nothing says spring more than a daffodil!

I bought some of the beautiful flowers from the grocery store and planned on using them in the dining room.   

For the dining room table I decided to keep it very natural and simple.  Two summers ago I hosted a bridal shower for my cousin.  My mom and I made a burlap table runner.  I decided to pair that with my daffodils.  Last summer my dad made me a box out of a an old pallet.  I knew that the daffodils would fit perfectly inside and would look very natural on the table runner.

What I really enjoyed about this centerpiece was the ease and simplicity of putting it together
 I already had the table runner and box.  All I added was fresh flowers from the local grocery store.

What is your favorite spring flower?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mad Men Style Bar Cart

I have to confess...I absolutely love the show Mad Men on AMC.  The new season starts Sunday, April 13th and I am very excited to see what is going to happen to my favorite characters.  Thanks to Mad Men, I found the inspiration for my latest d├ęcor project and entertainment piece.

This past summer I remodeled our dining room.  When the room was completed it looked great, but was still lacking something.  It needed a little pizazz, even after the new paint colors, lights and all my hard work.  After months of looking around, I still could not find anything that I liked and I was starting to become discouraged.  Finally, in January, I happened upon a wheeled brass cart.  This cart was headed to the dumpster and I rescued it immediately.  Upon first glance, I knew exactly what I was going to do with this newly found treasure and where it would call home in my house.  Thanks to my love for Mad Men and this great find, the dining room bar cart was born.
I decided to stock the bar cart with materials and accessories that were best fitted to me and my entertaining needs.  I do not pretend to be a professional bartender or know anything about how to make fancy drinks.  I tend to stick to the basics and not get too fancy.

Normally, I am a person that has to have everything coordinate and match, but as I was putting together the bar cart, I went in the complete opposite direction.  I have a brass cart, silver bar tools, glass cocktail glasses and pitcher, along with silver and gold ice buckets.  Nothing matches and that is what I like about the display.  I think it came together and looks stunning.  For added decoration and functionality, I included the different colored chevron straws (purchased from Hobby Lobby).  I think they add a playful feel to the cart, along with the different (and vintage!) stir sticks and bottles.  I also have a white bar towel to clean up any messes, as well as a vintage drink recipe book.  I think it adds extra charm.  On the bottom shelf, I also included nonalcoholic beverages and sodas for making mixed drinks.

The wheels on the cart are an extra bonus.  It is easy to roll and can be wheeled to any room.  I am thinking that when summer time “rolls” around, I will bring the cart to the back deck when entertaining.  What is truly great is that the cart can be styled to fit any type of party or entertaining style.  The versatility is endless.

Here is a very basic list of things I came up with to stock my bar cart.  You may find this list helpful if you are setting up a bar cart, bar shelf or getting ready to host a party. 
·         Glasses
·         Ice bucket
·         Towel
·         Bar Tools: shaker, bottle opener, shot glass, tongs, stir sticks, knife, wine opener
·         Garnish: lemons, limes, cherries, olives
·         Gin
·         Whiskey
·         Rum
·         Scotch
·         Vodka
·         Wine
·         Bailey’s
·         Other Beverages: Tonic Water, Sodas (Ginger Ale, Coca-Cola), Orange and/or Cranberry Juice

I love how the cart looks in the dining room when it is not being used.  I think it brings a vintage  feel to an otherwise very classic and traditional room.   
Have any of your favorite television shows inspired your decorating or entertaining style?