Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Treat for Me | Vera and Jacks

I feel like for the past month I have been running around like a mad woman.  I feel like most of my time has been spent cleaning the house, laundry, taking the kids to baseball, soccer, music lessons and the list goes on.  No different then any other parent who is juggling a million balls all at once.

When my life gets a little crazy (like it has been), I really enjoy treating myself to something special.  I think it helps me push through the craziness and gives me something to look forward to, that is all mine.

A few weeks ago, I did just that-I ordered a new pair of pajamas and new sandals!  It must sound silly, but I have really wanted a nice pair of cotton pjs that I could wear on the back deck while sipping coffee in the early morning hours.  I wanted a nice pair of pjs that I could wear in the summer, even when the weather is warm, but I would still stay cool.

Well, let me tell you, these pajamas are exactly what I was looking for!  I ordered them from Vera Bradley in this exact pattern, African Violet.  I adore these pajamas, I never want to take them off!  Or course, we all know that can never happen when you are a busy mom…

I love these pajamas so much, I am planning on ordering a second pair in a different pattern.

My other little indulgence, was a new pair of sandals.  Back in college I had a pair of these sandals and wore them into the ground.  I practically wore them all summer long and with almost every outfit.  Eventually they had to be retired (thrown out) and I never got around to ordering a new pair, until now.

This is the Jack Rogers Hamptons Navajo sandal.  Iconic and classic.  Originally made famous by one of my favorite historical figures and style icons, Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  I ordered my in platinum from www.jackrogersusa.com.  As of right now, I have been wearing my new pair with capris and polished toenails.  I can't wait to wear them with my summer skirts and dresses!  They will be great to wear to the pool when I take the kids for swim lessons or to slip on when running to the grocery store.  The versatility is endless with this sandal.  They can be casual or fancy, which is the perfect summer shoe for me!

Here is a photo of Jackie sporting her "Jacks."  Such grace and elegance, even stepping off of a boat.

I have enjoyed my little indulgences and look forward to the next crazy and hectic month, whenever it may be.  What should I treat myself too, next?
Vera Bradley

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