Friday, February 26, 2016

Homemade Vanilla Bean Sugar

I love coffee...I drink it in the morning, fresh from the coffee pot.  I love ordering it when we go out for breakfast.  It love to have it next to me when I am working at the computer.  It just seems to make everything cozy and for me, it adds a comforting element. 

I have discovered an even more wonderful way to enjoy my cup of coffee.  I have been adding homemade Vanilla Bean Sugar.  It adds a divine, sweet flavor that makes the coffee even more delightful and comforting. 

It is very easy to make and I do it without even measuring.  I just eyeball the ingredients and mix everything together in my mini food processor. 

I use about a teaspoon full in my coffee.  So delicious!

Here are the ingredients...just sugar and vanilla bean paste.  I just pour both into my mini food processor and whirl it all together.  You can use as much bean paste as you would like...I like a decent amount.

Mixed together and ready to use in coffee or even in baking!  This make a great gift as well.  You could put it in a clear glass container with a label and give it to friends and family at Easter brunch.  Make sure that you have a sugar dish full of Vanilla Bean Sugar at your next gathering. 
It will make your coffee that much better!

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